Currently, Magin Ltd Sunflower Oil  products goes with LULU and NURU brand names in which LULU stands for virgin sunflower oil while NURU stands for double refined sunflower oil in which both are superior cholesterol free oil suitable and excellent for cooking and frying.

Due to its mild flavour, it is an all-purpose edible oil. It has no off-flavours when cooking and frying.


However, no pesticides are used on the farm to grow the sunflower crop nor throughout harvesting, processing and storage of the seed. Sunflower’s farming methods is the Central Zone of Tanzania where Magin sources its raw materials, do not pollute the crop, soil, underground water or the air. Indeed, sunflower small-scale farmers and our farm workers are not exposed to any pesticides and that is why we term Magin Oil as “Grown without Pesticides”


Due to the recent installation of Modern Solvent Plant, Magin Limited will in addition be able to produce 100MT/day’s capacity of Sunflower seed cake that already have an export market worldwide.

Seed cake


To offer high quality, healthy and affordable food products processed from carefully sourced raw materials produced by our local small-scale farmers. 



To become a leading of high quality sunflower oil processor in the region that offers maximum satisfaction to all customers”

Magin is a key player in edible oil subsector, serving a good number of sunflower farmers in the central party of the country while distributing high quality, healthy and affordable sunflower oil products in Tanzania.


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