The organisation is led and managed by:


Eng. Muhammad Alli Mavere – Founder and CEO

The team will be led by Eng. Muhammad Alli Mavere (age 66). Eng. Mavere is a retired Civil Engineer with extensive experience in both construction and  agri-business with a career span of over 35 years. He began his career in construction sector as a civil engineer and later as a contractor. Eng. Mavere migrated to a fully sunflower oil processing in 2013, after gaining knowledge and skills from sunflower farming and agro-processing of other crops like maize earlier on.


Eng. Mavere is also credited for his efforts in farmer mobilization in the districts of Kondoa  and Chemba where he has registered and works with over 3,000 farmers; with 400 farmers contracted through Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) to provide him with sunflower seeds. He has also pioneered the establishment of farmer field schools in the two districts, and the practice of using Quality Declared Seeds (QDS) in sunflower farming, which have become best practice and applied widely on other crops by the Department of Agriculture of Kondoa  District Council.

Mrs. Ghania Omary Ahmed

Ghania is an experienced human resources management specialist and a founding member of Magin Ltd.  She’s got more  than 20 years in  administration  and human resources management. Before founding Magin Ltd,  Ghania worked  with both public and private sectors as administrative officer, human resources officer and manager as well. Among institutions and companies Ghania has worked with  are  Dodoma regional  trading  company, Dodoma  Municipal  Council  and  Lodhia  Group  of Companies. Ghania holds an Advanced Diploma in business education

Mr. David Mwakapala

David is a Certified Accountant  (CPA-T) and holds both Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance (Public Sector Accounting, Finance and Investigation) and Master  in Business Administration with finance specialty from Mzumbe University.

David has extensive knowledge and experience in the financial industry from both the private and public institutions. He has worked with a reputable local consulting firm, Sundy Merchants Company Limited as a tax advisor and has accomplished a good number   of  assignments related with auditing and advising business firms on issues related with accounting and finance. David is the head of finance and administration at Magin Company Limited.

Ms. Asha Selemani

Asha Selemani holds Bachelor degree in  Food Science  and Technology  from Sokoine  University  of Agriculture  (SUA).  Asha currently  pursuing  her   MBA at  the University  of  Dodoma.  Asha  good experience in sunflower oil processing and has worked with a number  of organisations in areas related to sunflower oil production and quality assurance before joining Magin Ltd, three years back. Asha has worked  with Dodoma sunflower oil  processors association – CEZOSOPA  (Central Zone Sunflower Processors Association).

Asha currently works  as  head of  factory operations at Magin and she  has  been instrumental in overseeing recent business transformation especially in issues related with production, processing and quality assurance

Mr. Mohamed Ally Mohamed

Mohamed holds Diploma in Business Administration and currently works with Magin as Sales and Marketing Officer but also acts as Head  of Sales and Marketing while the post is being filled. Mohamed worked with Bella View Fruits Processing Co. Ltd as a Sales and Marketing Officer where he was responsible  for  designing  sales  strategies,  recruit distributors, monitor distribution  in the country, manage sales volume, prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports and so on. Prior to this he worked for Power Foods Industries as a sales executive.

Miss Anneth Benson Kimambo

Anneth is a certified accountant  (CPA-T) and holds Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance from Institute of Finance Management (IFM)  and she is currently pursuing her  MBA at the University of Dodoma. Anneth work with Magin as an Accountant.


Machine Operators and Other casual Laborers

Magin also has a good number   of machine operators and casual laborers who are  responsible for various activities related with sunflower oil processing and marketing. Most of these employees have low-level education but are very experienced in the field of their specialty and have been drivers of the Magin business growth since the establishment of company in 2010.

Mr Braison Malimi Salisali

Braison is  both a  seasoned  Entrepreneur  and an  experienced  Consultant.    He holds  MSc  in International Development: Economics and Management of Rural Development from The University of Manchester-  UK and BSc in Agriculture General from the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro Tanzania.  Braison also holds Diploma in Enterprise Development through Value Chains and Business Service Markets from ITC & ILO,  Turin, Italy, Diploma in Strategic Business Management from SIPU, SIDA and JARSKOG Konsult, Stockholm, Sweden and Certificate in Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) from Springfield Centre, Glasgow, UK.

Braison has an extensive  knowledge  and experience  on strategic  business  management, market development and market research, value chain analysis and development, private sector and enterprise development,  business  development  services,  and development  programmes  / projects  designs, management and evaluations.

Braison has a vast experience in sunflower sector and has immensely contributed to the current state of sunflower sector in the country. Braison works with Magin as Business Development Advisor.


To offer high quality, healthy and affordable food products processed from carefully sourced raw materials produced by our local small-scale farmers. 



To become a leading of high quality sunflower oil processor in the region that offers maximum satisfaction to all customers”

Magin is a key player in edible oil subsector, serving a good number of sunflower farmers in the central party of the country while distributing high quality, healthy and affordable sunflower oil products in Tanzania.


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